Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentences Sunday Six

Wow! That's a lot of S's.

Anyway, I'm kind of stuck on a scene right now. Seriously thinking about rewriting it, so here's the last six sentences of it. It may change dramatically through rewrites. But this is it for now. Enjoy?

The worry that washed over Damon put his own to shame. “I mean- We think she was kidnapped.” 
“You think? 
“Alucard. Calm down. You are over reacting.” 
“Over- You- Of all the-.” 
Damon worried for a moment when the connection disappeared. When he could sense Alucard again, the man seemed calm. Too calm. 
“Why, for the love of all that is holy, are you not over reacting?”

The reason I'm stuck is... well... why *isn't* Damon reacting in the way that Alucard is?

Bah! I'll figure something out. Happy Saturday Sunday, you guys!


  1. Ah, one of the most annoying things from the writer's side; making sense of what's on the page. My characters are quite happy to poke holes in anything they can get a hand on, and often reveal plot holes to me. If they don't do it, my editor will.

    I also need to point out, as a peer-reader, that "over reacting" is a single word. "Overreacting." It distracted me :)

    Hope you solve your plot problem! :)

    1. Don't worry about pointing out mistakes! I'm glad if someone catches them for me!

      And... I think another character solved that problem for me. I really didn't have to do anything, and there's a totally reasonable explanation for why he's not overreacting.

      (Because I totally skipped over the scene right before this one, that I didn't know happened, so... yeah.)

      Thanks, as always, for reading!

  2. I need to read your blog more often - you've got my novel open now :P I'm staring at it, but thats step 1 to actually working on it.

    1. Yay! I'm glad I can help! The first step is the hardest, as they say.

      xD Thanks for reading!