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Outside the Controlled 
a story of Amaya Kiyoshi

Hm, I suppose I might share a bit of myself.

If you think you can handle it.

Hehe, the name's Jamie Stanfield, but I've taken to being called Amaya, I'm not quite sure why, but I think the name's rather catchy. Amaya Yuki Kiyoshi. Yeah. I like it. I can be a bit 'out of the box' at times. Okay...most times. Maybe all the time, but that's just how I prefer to be. Control has never been a big thing for me, as I find that the most creative and beautiful things come from purely random coincidence. I don't like to plan what I'm going to create, but to instead have only the vaguest idea of the shape that it will take.

Anywho, I've had just a bit more than eighteen years full of crazy artistic experiments, most of which have led me to all of the things I am capable of today. I write on occasion, generally poetic nonsense, but my one true love is drawing; generally sketches based around a charcoal or graphite medium.

As of lately, I've taken up the art of beading, and have utterly fallen in love with it. While it hurts to often prick oneself in the finger, it winds up being absolutely wonderful once it's done and over with! I plan to sell a lot of my works, and to push my creative limits. So...bring it on!! I'll also draw you just about anything you want. Give me an inspiration, and I'll put it on paper. Or I can always do a graphical rendition of it.

I'm absolutely building from the lovely C.R. Trumbo's post, of course, as I have no idea what I'm doing here. So...as far as things I have, one sugar glider, one boyfriend, and one drawing tablet. These are my obsessions. My favorite things in life!!

Oh, and on the note of C.R. Trumbo, she happens to be the one that dragged me down and into this dark hole of wonderful things. I met her about a year ago now, I do believe -my how the time flies- and I wound up catching the disease that her creative mind so freely disperses. Upon meeting her, I have found that the world of creativity is just a bit brighter than I first imagined. 

Unlike her nerdy-ness, I have more of a geeky-ness. Other than the arts and crafts, I am addicted to learning things. About almost anything that I can, truly. Games are lovely too, of course. I just prefer learning all I can.  However, I really like the card game, Magic: The Gathering, as well as a few off and on video games, generally picked randomly. I love watching people play, however. My favorite pasttime being screaming something along the lines of "Kill it dead."

To be utterly vague, I am likely to do something random every 15 minutes, and it's odd if I don't! Pretty much, I have a crazy-imaginative mind, and I just love to stuff it with knowledge and creativity. 

Well, that's me in a nutshell. 

Hope it was a fun read,

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