About Cheyenne Trumbo

Alright, so. About me?

Who's asking? *peers about suspiciously*

Hah. No. Really. My name is Cheyenne R. Trumbo. Don't ask my middle name. I won't tell you.

I am nineteen and have been writing for at least ten years. I started early. I quit for probably almost a year when I was younger because the computer I was writing on went caput and we had to do a complete overhaul of the hard drive I think, and everything was lost. That lasted, like I said, maybe a year. I've written on and off since, and I never save everything to one computer.

I used to use a floppy-disk... heh. Can't even find those anymore. I now have multiple thumb drives and google docs is a life saver. Also, I sometimes remember to email myself the updated versions. That's how I found my current WIP. Thank god, I did not want to start over again.

So. I have one dog, one boyfriend, two room mates, and a crappy job.

I can be a little random, but I try to keep this focused on writing and editing.

I write, because if I didn't, the voices in my head would drive me up the wall. Really.

I am a nerd. I LOVE Lord of the Rings. (I've gone and seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey three times now. Also, I went out and bought the Soundtrack.) I play Dungeons and Dragons. And Pathfinder (a spin off.) I love everything InvaderZIM, especially GIR. I play video games. (The Assassin's Creed games and Mass Effect Trilogy are personal favorites.)

I have a personal blog here which you can check out if you want to, but it's fairly random and I update only when I think about it. But if I'm posting on this one regularly, that one will probably be updated regularly too.


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