On this blog you've heard me talk some times about my novel Mortality. You've even met a good bit of the cast of characters throughout the Character's on Couches sessions we've had.

Now, a little bit more about the characters, the world, and the book(s) themselves.

I began writing Mortality sometime around the age of nine or ten. Since then it has undergone many changes including, but not limited to, title changes (Sinister Sister was the first title, but the sister aspect was removed, so I had to change it. I'm proud of the title Mortality.), name changes (Devin's name has changed too many times to count, I think it was Rachel at one point, and Orteih used to be something different as well.), sex changes (Damien used to be a female named Opal), and major plot changes (can't tell you. Spoilers.).

I will finish the book this year, and will set a concrete deadline for myself shortly, I swear.

Before I get on about the characters, you should know a few things.

The vampires in this world remember nothing about their mortal life. If they Wake after being bitten and exchanging blood with the vampire or Noble Dead (more on them later) that bit them, they are under that individual's control. They cannot disobey a direct command, spoken or thought, and cannot raise a hand against him or her in violence. After roughly 500 years, a vampire will begin to age.

The Noble Dead are one step above a vampire. Stronger, faster, and better in all ways. (Anything else I add increases the risk of spoilers)

Now, a bit about the characters.

Damon is a vampire, but a relatively young one. He Woke (as a vampire, that is) only two hundred years ago. He hates needing the blood of others to survive, and despises himself. The first time he sees Devin, he falls in love with her, believing her to be his Soul Mate.

Devin is a human around the age of 18 or 19. Her entire family was killed when she was five or six, and she was witness to it. She was rescued from the house by a group of Elves and trained among them. She chooses to leave the settlement instead of endanger the lives there when a group of vampires come demanding they give her to them.

Orteih is an elf. He trained from a young age with Devin and the two are inseparable. He goes with her when she chooses to leave and values her life above his own.

Blade is a wolf. A Protector of the Elven settlement, Blade is no ordinary wolf. He has the intelligence of an elf and can communicate with anyone in the immediate vicinity via telepathy. Blade was sent along with Devin and Orteih as a protector and a link to the settlement. Blade can move faster and has a greater stamina than a regular wolf.

Damien is a vampire, but relatively young. He Woke only a hundred and fifty years ago. He revels in the strength that comes with being a vampire, and is constantly on the search for a means of becoming stronger and more powerful. Power hungry doesn't begin to describe him.

Alys is a vampire, and quite old. She Woke over seven hundred years ago. At around five hundred years dead, her skin began to sag and her hair lost all luster. Alys is Psychic, and stays with Damien to provide assistance and assurance that can only come from a Psychic.

Hoo-Boy, you have no idea how hard it was to avoid spoilers.

I think that ought to do it, right?

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