Thursday, January 24, 2013

Characters on Couches 3 pt 2

Yes it is finally here! I'm sorry for the wait you guys! I totally meant to have it up yesterday, I swear.

SPOILERS! (I know this is a couple days late, but it just occurred to me) Read at your own risk.

The Immortal pt 2

"Okay, now that that's out of the way. What are you?"
He sghes, running a hand through his hair. When it catches the light right it almost looks like fire. Cool.  
"We were never mortal. Nor were we celestial. We are the children of the fallen Nephilim." 
His arms are folded once again and he stalks to take a seat in the chair I used during the talk with Sarah-Juliet and Jonathon. The skulls really suit him. Finally, what he said hits me.  
"Fallen Nephilim? Doesn't Nephilim refer to the children of God?"  
"Foolish mortal -." 
"Hah!" I failed completely to suppress my laughter.  
"Do me a favor. Don't say that, ever, in the novel. I will never live it down." I'm still chuckling, though it's mostly under my breath.  
"Fine. Yes. Nephilim does refer to the children of the gods. What you would call angels. My kind are the offspring of the fallen ones and mortals." 
"The Fallen Ones?"  
"Yes. That war you were talking about? Those Nephilim that chose the wrong side of that war were cast down to live as mortals. They lost their immortality but any children they had inherited it. We are not Nephilim, nor are we mortal. We live forever, living and dying only to be reborn again endlessly. It is a curse." He really sounds bitter as he examines the fingernails on one hand.  
"A curse? But what about the Soul Mates? The one person who, in each reincarnation, is the one whom you will be most happy with?"  
With an inaudible crack, the cap of the pen I'm chewing on breaks in two.  
He utters a sound somewhere between a laugh and a derisive snort. "Complete bullshit." 
I can feel my jaw fall open and the pieces of the cap drop in my lap, clanking softly against the clipboard before falling onto the floor. I... don't know what to say. His look says he's not lying but... this is what Damon and Devin's whole relationship is based on. It's the reason for Damon and Nicholai's animosity. To say it doesn't exist unravels everything.  
"Wh- What do you mean?" 
"I mean there's no such thing." He meets my gaze, he bright green eyes daring me to argue. "Love at first sight? Sure, it happens. But only one person that someone can be happy with? Sheer fantasy." 
"Then where did it begin?" 
"Think about it." He sounds almost friendly now. For once. "Who has held all the cards, but only delved out bits of the truth at a time? Who knows more than anyone thinks?" 

The pen and my clipboard join the broken cap on the floor. "Son of a bitch."  
He smiles, but the motion holds no mirth. "So you know who I'm talking about."  
"That conniving little witch."  
"She's not a witch. She's a psychic. And she's had over seven hundred years to perfect her manipulative ways."
Think that's all? Nope. We don't even know this guys name yet. I like him already. Even though he irritates the hell out of me.

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