Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Characters on Couches 4

Well, Alys showed up right after my conversation with Seryn, so here is that interaction for you all to laugh at. In which I find out more things I didn't know. 

SPOILER ALERT! (Continued spoiler from CoC 3 part 2) Read at your own risk.

Alys: The Psychic

A voice speaks up behind me. "Interesting man." 
"Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus! Do you guys have to do that?" 
I turned when she first spoke and now I'm hard pressed to find her in the dark. With just a thought, the shadows lessen and reveal the shriveled, stooped figure of Alys.  
"Who's Mary and why do we care about her son?" Though she's old, her voice is as strong as ever.  
"Nevermind that, what are you doing here?" 
I think she shrugs, but it's hard to tell under the loose, baggy clothing. "I was curious." 
"You were curious. About a man even I didn't know existed." 
"Dear, I've known about him and his kind since before his last incarnation." Her laugh is the only thing that shows the beautiful woman she once was. 
My eyebrows climb again. They're getting a good workout today. "You mean the one before this?" 
"Precisely." She shuffles around the desk and takes the seat Seryn had been in. It's much too big for her.  
"And how did you know?" I sigh. I'm tired of my characters hiding things from me. 
"Followed a sixth sense to a hidden place in the mountains four hundred years ago. Apparently no matter what life he was in he kept immaculate diaries. Some are in languages even I don't recognize."  
"A sixth sense? You mean other than you being a Psychic?" 
"So he keeps journals. What else did you find?" 
She shifts slightly as if uncomfortable. But that can't be true. Vampires can't get uncomfortable. 
"There is a ten year gap between his death and rebirth. Unless killed by blade or plague he will live three hundred years or greater."  
"I think you're the most cooperative so far. Why?" 
She shrugs. "You need the facts to tell our story the way it happens." 
Huh. She's the first to understand that. "One more question, then you can go."  
She nods. "Ask away."  
"Why the Soul Mate lie?" 
"When I first awoke (as a vampire, that is) I just knew I had to get them to believe it. Until recently I was unsure as to the reason why."  
"If Damon hadn't believed it, he would have ignored his feelings for the girl and our goals would never be accomplished."   
"When you say that you sound so altruistic. But you're not. You just wish to be young forever."  
She shrugs again. "You wrote me that way." 
I roll my eyes as she stands to leave. "You wouldn't do this for any other reason, Nareya."  
The door shut before she heard me. Not that she'd remember her True Name in the novel. Yet.
And to think, Alys literally came out of nowhere when I was writing Mortality. To think she's this important.

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