Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Sentences Sunday 5

Okay, sorry for the lack of updating you guys, I promise I will be more active, hopefully daily, but really... All I can promise is that I will try.


It's Sunday again, the excerpt this time is again from Mortality, as it is what I have been working on (mostly backstory) lately.

“Where is she?”
‘What do you mean “where is she?”’ Blade whined, pawing at the ground.
“I mean she is gone. She is not here. Where. IS. She?” Damon was dangerously close to the Ahrin, he could feel it, like a sickness coming upon him. Grinding his teeth together, he fought it down. It would do no good to lose his cool. 

I don't know if that's six sentences. It's close enough for me and is one of the most recent excerpts from what I've written. (And I completely just botched that sentence structure but I don't care.)


Devin is gone, and her ever-worried protectors have no clue where she is!

Just to keep you wanting more.

Have a great day guys! Probably a Characters on Couches-esque thing tomorrow!

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