Monday, January 28, 2013

Characters on Couches 3 pt 3

The final part of the trilogy! I hope.

Mental note: Bring in her next. Straightening from picking up my clipboard and pen my heart leaps to my throat. He's standing literally inches away.  
"Good god in heaven! Don't you men have any respect for personal space?"  
His eyes narrow and though I know he's trying to intimidate me, I can't help but notice, again, how hot he is. His skin is pale, as though he spends all of his time under the dark of night than the light of the sun. I noticed before that he's thin, but he's not. Not really. His muscles are thick, though I think my hands would manage to wrap around his biceps. I'm tempted to try, but the glare makes even me hesitate. He's only a head taller than I am, so he's probably around 5'8" or 5'10".  
"There is no 'good god'," he informs me. The way he says it, that deep quiet voice, it's as if he's trying to seduce me. I have to admit, I'm tempted. He tempts me even more than Damon. Devin may be in trouble if she ever runs afoul of him.  
"May I leave now?" Never would have thought he was the kind to ask permission.  
"Hell no." I shake myself free of his gaze and put the desk between us. Taking a seat in the over-stuffed chair there, I pull out a new pen from a drawer. I will be taking notes. 
"You've told me what you are, but what are your kind called?"  
He crosses his arms again and remains standing inches in front of my desk. "The original name for our kind was Xai'xyn."  
"Shy Zen? Spell it." My eyebrows climb higher as he proceeds to do so. Hm.  
'Xai'xyn: Offspring of fallen angel and mortal.' 
Silence falls between us even though I know I still have questions for him. If only I could remember them. Tapping my pen on the clipboard I wrack my brain. I look at him and I can tell he's about to say something. The tapping stops. I'm so stupid. 
"I apologize. I don't even know your name."  
He tilts his head slightly, I assume in acknowledgement of my apology. "My name is Seryn."  
It's my turn to narrow my eyes. "Is that they name you bore your first life or the name you were given in this one?" 
He smirks slightly, though truthfully his expression isn't malicious. "I didn't think that would get past you. It is the name I was given in this life. I would rather not reveal my True Name at this time."  
"Why not? It's not as if anyone else will know."  
His right eyebrow raises just slightly. "Oh? What about anyone who reads your transcript of this?" 
I wave that away. "That's the real world, no one from your own will know it. Hell, I don't think any of them even know your kind exist."  
"True enough. But be that as it may, I'd rather not say. Are we done here?" 
I sigh. "Fine, we can be done for now. But I have more questions later."  
"Naturally," I hear him mutter as he walks out the door.

I like him.  He frustrates me. And intrigues me. And he adds another level, and perhaps novel, to the story.


  1. Mmm, enjoyed this little 'interview.' I need to do that with my characters, they're frustrating me with their insolence and silence... :)

    1. Oh you definitely should!

      It's one of the best things I've ever done and it's helped out so much with story and character development. All thanks goes to Murphy!

      (@Murphyslawyer22 on Twitter if you'd like to follow her. You totally should)

      Thanks for reading, as always!