Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey guys!

So, I know I've said I'm a pantser, and I promise, I really am.

But after reading K.M. Weiland's Outlining Your Novel that I have already reviewed on this blog, I began planning my Untitled NaNoWriMo Novel. (I really need to change that Untitled to a real title.)

Planning is not a bad thing!

This may shock some of you tried and true pantser's out their. But really, it's not.

Half the time I don't follow my plot. Some points have gone straight out the window as I wrote, but you know what? One of those points came back to be used at another time, but changed to reflect the change in my charrie.

Some things have different impact at different times and illicit different responses from characters at different times in their growth. Confused? You haven't written enough. Get back to it.

Alright, so this post is mainly to post an example of my plotting.

Mostly, it's talking to myself. Don't take any of it seriously, and if you can't understand it, don't worry. I don't half the time either.

He has a month before Ilyrana catches up (not that he knows that) and they get captured by Slavers.
He could...
      - Seek out Orsam
      - Visit more Elven cities searching for knowledge on the Old Ones
      - Visit major cities of other races for knowledge of Either Old Ones or the Ancient humans
          (What the hell did I call them?)
Or he could do all three.
Obstacles finding Orsam
      - no clue how
            ~Orsam found him last time
      - can't find place where he met the man            ~but Talliel would      Not much of an obstacle
So he they return to the burned sentinel.
      - Ent-like being with a grudge?
      - dryad? (also w/ anger)

That is a page out of my notebook copied over as closely as I can online.

It actually helps. Now I need to get writing so I can catch up to what I have planned.

Happy Writing!

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