Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Characters on Couches 3

At least, I think it's the third one. 

Today I'll be coaxing out a character even I didn't know existed until I asked the right questions. S/He is a sneaky bastard.

Technically contains Spoilers. I think. (That part of the plot is fuzzy. Read at your own risk.)

The Immortal

I'm not really sure what to expect this time. I'm in formal business wear perched on the edge of the desk, ankles crossed. I'm not sitting on the desk really, just leaning, clipboard and pen in hand. Staring at the door, it scares the everliving piss out of me when someone puts a hand on my shoulder. Whirling around, and nearly falling on my face, I lower the clipboard (it's stupid for an Author to be afraid of her characters, but after Damon's little attack, I have to be prepared).  
The figure is.... Androgynous to say the least. It's nearly featureless as well. Simple slits for eyes, a nose reminiscent of reborn Voldemort, and a hairless head. Even as I watch, though, red hair shoots out of it's head until it hangs just below the individual's shoulder blades. Shoulders widen and the jawline sharpens. So it's male. Great. Just what the story needs, another man in a position of power.

"Wipe that smirk off your face." 
Oh, but his voice gives me goosebumps. It's very deep, with a rumbling to it that makes me think of a rock slide or a grizzly bear yet also has a lilting quality that reminds me of an elf.  
"I said-" 
"Oh I heard what you said. And quit giving me that look, this is my world. Your mesmer won't work here." 
Even in the midst of anger he's handsome. Why on Earth is every male in Devin's life hot? Oh, wait, they're all elves, vampire or Immortals. In fact, much of Red-Head's physical being reminds me of an elf; arrogance and all. His face is quite angular and his physique is generally thing, though he's wider in the chest. I wonder if all Immortals are like that? Bearing aspects of multiple race. 
"That reminds me! What are you?" 
He gifts me a glare that would put Damon to shame, but I roll my eyes. I won't be put off, but he is nonforthcoming. I'm not even sure if that's a word.  
"Are you mortals blessed for participating in the right side of a celestial war?" 
"Who are you to demand answers?" His arms are crossed and his scowl deepens.  
I can't help it, I roll my eyes again. "Seriously? I know Nicholai is a bit slow, but Damon understood straight away. I'm your Author."  
"You- You dare compare me to those- those filthy, blood-sucking creatures?" He's really angry now. His hands are clenched into fists by his sides. 
"I do. I expected an Immortal to be smarter, honestly. Knowledge of past lives and all that, you know?" 
Oh he doesn't like that flippancy at all. I'd fear for my life if I didn't know he couldn't hurt me. Within that knowledge, thought, his buttons are fun to push.

Alright. That's all for now. I'll post the rest tomorrow!

Sorry for the wait today!

And thanks once again to Murphy for the Characters on Couches!

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