Saturday, January 5, 2013

Merry Everything and Happy Always

Hey guys.

I apologize for my absence and begin with saying I have no real reason - no good reason, anyway - for my being gone.

I will, however, attempt to explain.

Hate me if you will, but that's what this post is.

First- December has always bee, and always will be, a lazy busy month for me.
      1.2- My new job at Wally World.
        During the Holidays, I began working 40+ hours a week. Doing my job, this is hell. Hell on my back, hell on my wrists, and hell on my personal well being and mental state.

        This started around Thanksgiving and only recently ended.

Second - Video Games. In this case, the Mass Effect trilogy. I started playing 1 in early December.

I finished with three less than an hour ago. I cried. Again. This was my second play through.

Side Note: If you are any kind of gamer; fantasy, shooter, plot-based, etc. you should check out these games.

The backstory, characterization, and gameplay are superb. The best I've seen, easily.

Also, I may or may not write an ME fanfic or two.

Third - Life. Seriously.

With work, the holidays, family and trying to find time to sleep, I barely had time to think, let alone sit and write. (Look at all the commas!)

I understand now why my parents never had time to do what they wanted when I was growing up. (Hell, they still don'e, what with my four younger siblings and nephew.) And I don't have kids. (And I won't for awhile, stop panicking, mother. I know you read this.)

So this is me officially reentering the real world. And by real, I mean the internet world. The writing world. And... nope, that's it.

My new years resolution? Less games, more writing. Also, eating better and maybe exercising some? I have weight I'd like to lose.

Typical resolutions, I know. And my boyfriend isn't helping. He's trying to introduce me to three or four new games...

*le sigh*

As my mother's Christmas card said, Merry Everything and Happy Always!
Since I missed the holidays.

How have you guys been?

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