Sunday, February 3, 2013

Six Sentences Sunday Seven

Okay, so last week, I found out where Six Sentences originated from and apparently last week was the last. So, well that doesn't really affect me, does it?

Just know that this is an unofficial Six Sentences and is in no way connected to I am not trying to rip off their idea or anything, I am merely using it as a means to share snippets of my work.

However, I have no ideas what else to call it. Perhaps Short Snippet Sunday? Beginning next week, I shall call it that. Perhaps.

Anywho! The snippet this week is from my (now finished) Mortality. Fight scene!

“What? Don’t you want to win? Why aren’t you taking this-” Damon dodged another swipe, but he didn’t get far enough, Damien grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the wall. “-seriously?” 
Damon heard a roaring in his ears and a pounding in his head. It wasn’t being thrown into the wall that caused it, either. Damon saw red, pain and heat spread from his center to the ends of his fingers and toes, and rational thought ceased. 

That's a nice little piece, isn't it?

Happy Sunday All!


  1. Ha, I remember you tweeting that your characters were Damon and Damien - definitely makes you pay attention!

    Awesome action with a nice blend of dialogue (just the right amount!) - wish there was more!

    Great snippet; shame about 6ss :c I've been thinking about doing a Friday Five excerpt instead, but maybe I will join your unofficial Sunday next week ;)

    1. Why thank you! I am to please (to to tease).

      And it would be AMAZING if you would join me!

      Thanks for reading! (As always!)