Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How would you describe life?

While this quite technically has nothing to do with writing, or any sort of craft, I came across this idea whilst drawing, and thought I might turn it into a little challenge. What if you were asked to define life in one simple word? What would it be? Could you even describe it with just one word?

To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Life is a journey, not a destination." To some, this very well might mean nothing at all, but if you take the time to think it out, I believe that you can find your own meaning to it.

So here is my challenge, how would you describe life in one word? Based on that one word, could you write out why you find that word fits you? It doesn't have to be extremely writer-ly or anything, but you can make it so if you see fit.


This life is all that I know, all that I have ever known. In it, I have grown to see many things, I have loved and I have hated. I regret nothing, and I wouldn't change a bit of it.
Many times I have been unable to see the road ahead of me and even thought that I had reached the end. Through countless trials, I have found that the most obvious path has never been the best, nor the most exciting. In learning this, I was able to begin picking my own path, essentially making this life my own. This is just the beginning of my voyage, and I plan to continue living it to the best of my ability.


  1. I would describe life as "happy" seeing a nice use of my photograph in this piece of work. :D

    Michael D Beckwith

    1. Teehee, it's such a wonderful photograph!


  2. Life is a *MIRACULOUS* gift. Existence is a paradox. All too often we take it for granted, it seems like it'll last forever. We think to ourselves we have as long as we want to get it right, but before you can even finish that thought and blink twice you're wondering where all the time went.

    "Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost. I see my vision burn and my memories fade with time, but I'm too young to worry." Carpe Diem.