Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Another Beginning

This may come off a bit writer-ish, but it's just my style sometimes. Teehee.

We all start things, all the time. And I believe this is just another beginning for me, one that I plan to pursue.

This time, I have decided to begin on creating new things and seeing how far I can stretch my imagination, within my ability, of course. This led me to the idea of beadwork. While I have yet to find it quite as captivating and expressive as drawing, I believe that I can find a way to capture one's own personality into the art, and then be able to hand them that captured work.

Most jewelry and other accessories are just something we see and think is neat. Sure, a lot of it can have some meaning, but personally I would love to have something that can actually express what I believe in, what I feel.

Cultured to your specific taste, I can make you nearly anything that you can come up with. I've taken it on as my own sort of mission, to create for you something that clearly expresses the person that you are.

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