Sunday, November 25, 2012

Six Sentences Sunday


So I'm not exactly sure where the Six Sentences Sunday thing began. 

All I know is I've seen it on multiple blogs, and since I don't have any sort of schedule for posts, this would work for a Sunday post, won't it?

Basically I'll post Six Sentences recently written of my current Work In Progress. 

Right now that happens to be my NaNoWriMo novel which is still untitled. 

Here they are. Six Sentences. 

Aoduain awoke in a cold sweat from a dream he could no longer remember upon waking. Whatever it was, it hadn’t been good. Somewhere between deep sleep and waking, he had braced himself for another fire, but what greeted him was far different. The air nearly hummed with energy, as an angry wind whipped around him and dark clouds formed overhead. His breath came in quick, panicky spurts and he nearly jumped out of his skin when the first strike of lightning hit the ground just feet away from him. The after image still burned into his retina’s, he blinked furiously and finally saw Arlienna, bunched up in a tight ball against the wind, Talliel and Emrys bracing themselves against her.

I write some long sentences. That is, by my count, six sentences.

I may be wrong.

But there you go.


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