Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Books

Hey, I don't have a post for today planned. I never have one planned.

But I did have an idea.

Just recently, I have downloaded an easy DOZEN of free ebooks from Amazon. Probably more.

Many of these were books on writing.

I figured I would list them here for you to see. I will read them all and may review a couple of them.

But here we go.

Get Published, by Infinite Ideas
How I Overcame Writers' Block And 100 Reasons Why I Nearly Didn't, by Gillian Rogerson
Write Good or Die
Secrets of Successful Writers
The New Author
Slow Your Prose: 25 Tips on How New Authors can Improve Their Craft
Digital Ink: Writing Killer Fiction in the Ebook Age
The Road to Success in Nanowrimo: Your Guide to a Month of High Speed Writing

I think that was all the writing books. 

And I really wish I had that last one at the 
beginning of the month. But c'est la vie.

As I recall. All of these were free as of November, 20. There you go.

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