Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Sentences Sunday 2

So... It's Sunday again.

And I'm bad at creative titles for my Triple S's.

So I'm just going to number them.

Because NaNoWriMo ended two days ago, I don't have much new after then, but that will change very soon, yes it will. So here's the last six sentences I wrote for NaNoWriMo. Enjoy.

She managed a slight smile as Aoduain and Hrothsam came closer. 
"Looks like we made it just in time," Aoduain said.
 "I had it under control," she said. "As if I'd ever need help from a human." 
Aoduain rolled his eyes. "Yeah? Well these two humans just saved your life."

Tee hee.

I love the way Aoduain and Ilyrana interact.

(If I haven't mentioned, Aoduain isn't a human, he's a half-elf. Hrothsam, however, is a human.)

Ta-ta for now, my lovelies!


  1. Ilyrana is such a pretty name! This excerpt is intriguing; makes me wonder what happened before all this :) Thanks for posting.

    1. Why thank you!

      I'm glad you enjoyed it.