Saturday, December 1, 2012

Post NaNo Life

Whether you made it across the finish line with 50,000 words (like I finally did this year!) or not, you're going to need to get back to normal Non-NaNo life.

For some, the transition is quite simple.

For others, such as myself and Murphy (I mean, just look at her recent tweets), it can be quite difficult.

There are piles of dishes to be cleaned, animals to be fed on a regular basis again, food that we actually have to COOK. Some of us even have to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. (Not me, my schedule is whack because I work overnights).

So how does one go about re-entering this Non-NaNo "normal" world?

I would advise you take it slowly. One step at a time.

One thing at a time.

Dishes need doing? Do them, then take a break. Watch some television. Maybe write a little bit (if you're still in that mind set like I am).

But then do some laundry. Then take a break.

Do it like this for a few days, or a week, and slowly you will become accustomed to doing chores on a daily basis again.

But also, for those of you who are first time NaNo'ers, or even first time writers, you can write any time during the year. You don't have to wait for November and NaNoWriMo to come around.

I think some veterans may even need to read those words.

Ta Ta for now, lovelies! I'll see you on a daily basis again, now that NaNo is over.


  1. *snerk* Endlessly amused that I got a mention. Tweet this stuff at me and I'll pimp the bejeezus out of it! And yes.... I hate NaNo recovery. XD

    1. I do need to do that, don't I?

      *scribbles note to self: "Keep Murphy informed when mentioned in blog posts."*