Thursday, October 11, 2012

Characters on Couches 2.2

Hello again, guys.

I'm falling apart, just thought I'd let you know that. I have carpal tunnel in both of my wrists and my right (dominant) hand is so swollen and in pain right now that... well it sucks. Also, I sprained my ankle the day/night before last and worked (standing, moving, bending, heavy lifting) all night last night and will have to again to night and the night after. So that hurts quite a bit too.

I'm eighteen and don't want to know what will be falling apart/off when I'm 30.

Anyway, enough about me, we were talking to Jonathon. I decided to go ahead and finish up this Characters on Couches session, because I have nothing else planned for today.

Characters on Couches 2.2

So Jewel, Sarah-Juliet, walked out. Jonathon watches her with a small frown pinching his eyebrows together, but when the door shuts and he turns back to me, the smile is back in place. Strange man.

"You still have questions for me?" Leaning, he rested his chin in his hand. 

"I do. A couple." Resettling my shoulders, I lean back in my seat. "You're a human." 

"Obviously." Damn that smirk. 

I roll my eyes, I can't help it. "Smart ass. What are your thoughts towards the supernaturals?" 

He grins. How can someone be so happy? "Right to the meat of the issue, huh?"

"I'm not here to ask you your favorite color, though what is that, by the way?" 

"Hm. Green. But a light green, not quite neon, but lighter than the crayon of the same name." 

Specific. "Alright. So Supernaturals."

"Right. That is... a difficult question. I don't hate them. But neither am I really a Sympathetic. They're just people. It's like asking me what I think of Blacks, I'm sorry, African-Americans, or Asians, or Chinese. They're people." He shrugs. His smile is gone. 

"You're one of the few." I make a note in my notebook. 'Indifferent.'

"No, no I don't think that's entirely right. It's just that the ones who oppose their existence are the loudest. Those who speak the loudest, often know the least." 

"Mm-hmm." 'Pessimistic optimist?'

"Mm-hmm? What's that supposed to mean?" He lets out a small laugh and when I raise my head, he's smiling again. 

"Oh. Nothing. Thinking to myself. So. Tell me about your parents."

"Ah! Not much to tell, there, actually. My mother- My mother died five years ago. Since then, my father has been living with my older sister and her family. He... quit taking care of himself when she died." He's still smiling. 

How is he still smiling? 'Mother- deceased. Father- living with sister. Incapable of caring for self.'

"Alright then. One last question. How did you know how to keep Sarah-Juliet from Shifting?" 

He stiffens. The smile appears frozen on his face, and it slowly fades, until he's frowning. I don't think he's seeing me anymore. 

"How did I know?" His voice has dropped an octave, and the overbearing sadness within is... well, saddening. "My mother... My mother was a werewolf." 

I feel my mouth drop open with a slight "pop". He smiles, but it's more of a smirk, and saturated with sadness. 

"No one outside the immediate family knows that. I suppose you'd find out eventually. My father did the same for her, that I just did for Sarah-Juliet. My father said the secret was, for my mother anyway, to make her realize that he loved her." 

His head is in his hands, and he stares at the ground as he speaks. "My mother hated her existence. The first time she Shifted, the night ten years ago that everything changed, she was alone with my brother. He has three claw marks down the right side of his face. My mother hated herself. We never blamed her." 

"So five years ago-?" He knows what I'm asking. 

"Yeah. It wasn't just an accident. My mother hung herself. When we found her, I wondered if my father wouldn't follow. That's a big reason he lives with my sister. They watch him at all times to make sure he eats, sleeps, and takes care of himself."

"I see..." I don't know exactly what to write. There aren't words that can express this. 

"Are we finished?" He finally looks up, still unsmiling. 

"Ah... yes. That's all I needed for now. Thank you." 

He stands and as he looks at me, I'm allowed a glimpse beneath the happy-go-lucky outer shell. He's a more complex character than I had first expected. He walks out and the door shuts quietly behind him. 


Alright. So that's all for today. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Interesting. Funny how the happy-go-lucky ones have just as much reason to be self-destruct-angry ones if they want to. Nicely done!

    1. P.S. Don't worry, I'm falling apart too. Twenty-two years old with a chronic pain condition and asthma.

    2. Thank You!

      I had no clue how he knew to calm her down... so I ASKED! Imagine, how that works. (Well, I guess you did.)

      Thanks for Reading!